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4.7 ounce shaker bottle

A little seasoning...just enough to please the cook. Better get more than one, it won't last long!
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4.7 ounce case of bottles

Now you're talking! Perfect for gifts and sure to please everyone on your list!
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12 ounce shaker bottle

Enough to last a bit... recommended for everything except your breakfast cereal.
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12 ounce case of bottles

Whoa, Nelly! You are about to become everyone's favorite cook!
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4 pound bucket

Should be plenty to last thru the grilling season!
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10 pound jug

Bring this jug to your next BBQ - you'll be the most popular guest there!
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5 gallon bucket

Better stock up on beef and the like, you'll be cooking for a long time now!
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Your Stories

Baxter Black

Jim was a gregarious fellow who was bragging about his secret seasoning recipe one afternoon at the Denver Stock Show. He suggested I could make him a radio commercial. So I did. It wasn't what he expected. But bein' the good sport he was, he used it anyway. Read More

Max P.

Thanks for the great service! We very much enjoy the seasoning and will provide our friends with some of the samples. Keep up the good work!

Jeanne B.

Thank you so much. It was here by Tuesday. I call that service. Have a great fall.


Thanks for getting the seasoning to me so quickly. My family is happy. Blessings this spring and summer to you and yours.


Thank you so much for sending the seasoning. It is so good on almost anything. Good to see you both again, look forward to seeing you in April.

Kansas City Customers

Thanks for making such a great product! We love it here in Kansas City!


Food is just not the same without it!


Thank you - we love the stuff! First time we got it from Loomix. Now we have it on our steaks, chicken and mixed in with burgers.


Thank you for sending me your great seasoning. I can't hardly cook without it anymore.

Ann Marie

Doing business the "old fashioned" way is so refreshing - only farmers and ranchers are so trusting when we sell our product. Thanks for making my heart smile. Wishing you success always.


I love your seasoning and wanted you to know it was such a pleasure ordering from you. What a shock to see on your web site "We trust you till we have a reason not to." My first bottle was given to me by a friend who is in the cattle business and is an auctioneer. When that ran out I was "hooked". I took a chance you would have it on the internet - thank you!


People came, and ate and voted...A last minute recipe made famous by Jimbo's seasoning!


I have used alot of different seasonings til a friend gave me some of yours. I took a shot at finding where it came from then I called you. With one call you got my order and you did not need a credit card. That is how it used to be. Very good seasoning - thanks and have a good day!


It is so refreshing to know that there are still people in this world who are trusting in the honesty of others. I will enjoy sharing your Secret Seasoning with family and friends.


Thank you so much!


Thank you so much for taking the time to create this special blend of spices. My uncle Bill has taken it one step further, and blended your spice mix with another (forgive me, but I cannot remember what it is!) and created a rib-rub that is amazing! He graciously passed on this recipe to my husband. This inspired my hubby to buy a smoker and make ribs all summer long! We found that he goes thru your spice mix way too fast to just have a shaker bottle. We use it on other cuts of meat as well...WOW!

Tip of the Month

For delicious garlic bread with a twist, melt butter and add Jim Baldridge Secret Seasoning instead of garlic. Spread on fresh baked french bread, top with cheese, bake till bubbly and enjoy!

Our Story

Zelphia Baldridge was one of those old fashioned cooks whose table was a favorite meeting place for friends and family.


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