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About Baldridge Seasonings

Zelphia Baldridge was one of those old fashioned cooks whose table was a favorite meeting place for friends and family. Never using a recipe - a pinch of this, a dab of that, a shake of something else - Granny Zel's food always tasted the best.

A member of a large family and the mother of a large family, Granny Zel was necessarily concerned with feeding her family a nutritious, tasty meal. What a knack she possessed for that! No matter how many people arrived at meal time, there was always plenty of food to go 'round the table.

During these many cooking experiences, Zelphia Baldridge enlisted the help of her family and it was here that her fourth child, Jim Baldridge, learned the basics of good cooking. Dissatisfied with the old family tradition, " of a pinch, a dab, and a shake " Jim began a search for a complete seasoning that would allow, "one smooth move" from herbs and spices to the food preparation with a Granny Zel tasting result.

Practice was a major factor in reaching the final formula as Jim Baldridge prepared food for large groups of people and celebrities such as President Ronald Reagan, Governors Bob Kerrey, Kay Orr and Ben Nelson.

A few trips to Ireland, France, Italy, Argentina and Brazil, where he observed many fine chefs at work, and the encouragement of a local grocery store chain owner, convinced Jim Baldridge that he should perfect his blend of herbs and spices for marketing.

Many different formulas were tried and tested before the right one was set. Friends and neighbors from far and near purchased or received as gifts, Secret Seasoning that was mixed in Jim Baldridge's kitchen. The demand soon overwhelmed his ability to mix his special formula at home, so a new phase began.

In the meantime, following old family tradition, Jim Baldridge pressed his daughter Becky and her husband Bob an their son into service as the demand for catering with Secret Seasoning grew. In July 1990, Jim and Jake won the All-American Beef Cook-Off in Omaha, Nebraska, with a strip loin of beef prepared with Jim Baldridge's Secret Seasoning.

After procuring a reliable source of the finest herbs, spices and necessary ingredients, a commercial venture began in July 1991 when Jim Baldridge's Secret Seasoning was placed on the retail market. The response has been phenomenal! Customers tell us constantly of new uses for Jim Baldridge's Secret Seasoning.

Tip of the Month

For delicious garlic bread with a twist, melt butter and add Jim Baldridge Secret Seasoning instead of garlic. Spread on fresh baked french bread, top with cheese, bake till bubbly and enjoy!

Our Story

Zelphia Baldridge was one of those old fashioned cooks whose table was a favorite meeting place for friends and family.


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